Top 4 DJI’s Drones for Aerial Adventures

Drones, they're literally everywhere this new technology continues to gain popularity and for all the right reasons. We don't want to miss any moment on our special occasions and using an aerial drone is by far the best way to monitor our surroundings. But when it comes to buying the one for yourself, there is a lot you must consider as buying drone is an expensive proposition.Currently, DJI's is one of the best brands that are selling top-notch quality drones in the market.

Mavic Pro

Powerful and foldable for the aerial quest!

Mavic Pro comes with a small, sharp, stabilized foldable design and is a remarkable choice for pilots looking for more than a portable drone. DJI's Mavic Pro is portable and potent. It has a distortion-free 4K video camera, 12MP Raw, and JPG stills. The exceptional collapsing feature of this pro done can collapse down to as small a water bottle. There is no wonder it is a superb choice for quadcopter fans. It records in portrait or landscape mode with a strong operating range, 23 minute flight time, compact remote control settings and other related flight control flight modes.


DJI’s Mavic is simply fabulous and exactly what every UAV fan had been looking for: extremely lightweight, portable drone foldable, flies for 27 minutes for up to 4 miles away, evades obstacles, shoots lush 4K footage from a stabilized, auto-focus camera, and then lands by design in the exact same spot it took off from.

And as it wasn't enough, you can fly this little bug via WiFi using just a smartphone (iOS and Android) or, for an even better regulator and substantial distance of up to four miles, its devoted pocket-sized controller with an integrated smartphone holder.

  • Automated Flight Features

  • Follow Orbit Return-to-Home Waypoint

  • Camera Type: Integrated with Gimbal Dimensions:3.3 x 3.3 x 7.8 inches

  • Live Video Feed 720p

  • Media Format is microSD microSDHC microSDXC

  • 12 MP

  • 4 Rotors

  • Remote Control Type: Dedicated with App Video

  • Resolution:1080p 2.7K 4K 720p

The top three Reasons to buy DJI’s Mavic Pro

  1. Far-fetched portability
  2. Obstacle avoidance
  3. Outstanding 4K and HD footage

Mavic Pro comes with a potent battery life and new OcuSync transmission system will offer up to 4.3 miles of range, 40 mph speed and around 27 minute flight time and all that and more are possible with this powerful battery. Another great feature is the sensor redundancy which dodges anything that could knock it out-of-the sky. When it comes to design Mavic pro looks and feel quite different from current quadcopter line and has more angular shapes and more contour line. The three-axis gimbal technology makes this gadget more of the backpack-friendly design. You can add your smartphone to work as a screen as the setup is a snap and after connecting it is quite easy to use.



Lately, DJI's launched Spark the most approachable drone and is half of what Mavic is in terms of weight. Although it is much smaller in shape and form results are spectacular. If collecting memories is what matters the most to you then spark is what you need as it has all that you need to cover good footage to be shared on social media.


This drone is quite simple and easy to use and can be operated in multiple ways.  It uses a mobile device, hand gestures, and a devoted hand controller. Though it is not designed for videography still it delivers excellent footage. It is as simple to use that you can simply launch it from the palm of your hand use gestures to snap pictures and move around. Yes, that simple. With just a tap of the button, you can easily perform complex functions like setting up a drone for following an object to shoots.

  • Battery life: 16 minutes

  • WiFi Range: 100 M

  • Transmitter Range: 1.2 miles

  • Max camera resolution: 1080p/12 megapixels

Our top three reasons to buy DJI’s Spark

  1. Awesome for taking great selfies
  2. It is relatively affordable
  3. Flies fantastically

 If you control this drone through your smartphone or gestures the range is quite limited. But then if you want additional features like a remote control setup then you can also invest on the same as DJI's sells remote control that will let you control fine-details over a range and a speed of over 30 miles an hour.


Phantom 4 Pro

The DJI's Phantom continues to dominate the drone market and is the best camera drone available in the market. It is a little pricey and for all the right reasons. The additional features and functionalities justify the cost. For a good start, it comes with fixed f/2.8 aperture and 4K video capture and that makes it truly one of the best drones out there. The Phantom 4 can easily fly up to four miles above the sea level, 28 minutes flight time, and up to 75 minute recharge time, pretty too easy to navigate safety system which detects obstacles beforehand. It is capable of speed up to 45 mph, the gimbal works superbly for leveling out the camera as you'll fly a drone and wants to check in case it flips twists or turn. All these points make this drone what it is – A Class Apart.


The incredible controller feature comes with a flight mode options like flying, positioning, sports mode, and other related capabilities. While gimbal feature is an added bonus as it levels out the camera and you would like to avert over shaking and twisting of the drone as it may affect the video. This drone is no doubt a class in all the facets. It is more aerodynamically inclined than the other Phantoms and offers various sci-fi features along with four-sided obstacle avoidance. Yes, this stylish beauty comes with extra sensors on the rear side and now can also fly it towards a cliff face in any unpleasant unfolds and orientation.

  • Battery life: 30 mins

  • Range: 4.2 miles

  • Max camera resolution: 4K/20 megapixels

  • Gimbal, Controllable Range- Pitch: -90° to +30°

  • Charger Rated Power- 100 W

  • Intelligent Flight battery capacity – 5350mAh

  • Obstacle Sensory Range 2 – 49 feet (0.7 – 15 m)

Our top three reasons to buy DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro

  • Excellent camera with one-inch sensor
  • Four-sided obstacle averting
  • Complete flight programmes
  • Outstanding battery life

The drone comes with a safety features and avoids emergency during return-to-home procedure and even let follow the same route and it took flight from. And it doesn't end here; there are various other advanced features like quick-release and a new sports mode that produces a top level speed of 45mph. The drone comes with a developed special remote controller with a unique inbuilt 5.5-inch screen which brighter than other most smartphones. 


Are you looking for stable, smooth and beautiful shots? Look no further than DJI's Osmo. It comes with a stabilized camera that is easy and simple to use motions with blur, and shots without shake. It gives you a perfect video even when you move the device. The credit goes to advanced technologies specifically designed to keep camera no matter how you move the device

This drone is designed ergonomically to fit the palm of your hand and is precisely engineered with materials selected for durability and comfort. The buttons are placed in a way which keeps important functions for instant access through your thumb.

  • Zemuse X3 Handheld Gimbal and Camera

  • Osmo Phone Holder

  • Osmo Intelligent Battery

  • 16GB microSDHC Card

  • Wrist Strap, Shoulder Strap, UV Filter Lens Cap and Rosette Protection Cap

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty on Gimbal/Camera and 1-Year Warranty on Battery Charger

  • Limited 6-Months / 400 Cycle Warranty on Battery (whichever comes first)

Our Top three reasons to buy DJI’s Osmo

  • Delivers stable, smooth shots
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Perfect for videos

It automatically taps into the sleep mode once you put down the device. This extends the battery life and also increases the lifespan of its advanced features. As soon you hold the Osmo it wakes up and ready to use. Osmo package includes DJI's FM-15 Flexi Microphone with multiple advance controls like audio gain settings which not only captures the image but sounds as well. Even without a tripod, Osmo captures long shots with absolute sharpness and crispness.

Since the market is flooded with a staggering amount drone devices finding the one for could be a taxing task. Here’s why we have come up with few points which you must bear in mind while shopping for the drone.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a New Drone or Quadcopter

Camera Type

The drone camera type is a major consideration when it comes to buying the one. There are some models that come with their own camera and ideally one must go with one that comes with their own camera as they are lighter and more operative than others. Apart from that what matters is the resolution, camera angle and the distance of the camera that you must bear in mind before selecting the perfect drone for yourself.

Controllable Range

The range that you can control the quadcopter is another important factor. It works with a remote distance of 30m. This is the farthest you will be able to control the drone. Generally, the more expensive models will have a further range available.

Live Feed

Live feed is not available with all the drones and generally, the feed will be given to a computer or any smart device that you're using. While the live feed may also be available with the controller which is an optimal choice for precise flying. The live feed can also be transmitted to other devices via Wi-Fi. 

Battery Life

No matter any gadget you use, battery life is one thing that matters a lot and is one of the main determinants that factors in before buying. Whether you use it or your child you don't want it to go dead in no time. Always go for a drone which comes with an intelligent battery life.

Height and Speed

Height and speed will be an important consideration. While this is more of a personal preference which has to be customized as per user’s specific needs. If your work involves drone that is meant for fast-paced live action videos then you have to have a good height and speed.

DJI one stop shop for all your drones and stabilized camera requirements. DJI’s is known as the market leaders in easy-to-fly drones as well as aerial photography system. Here’s why we’ve picked our top drones for you. In this post, we’ll review our top 4 drones that will add power to all your aerial adventures.


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