TrackR Bravo Review – Wireless Key Item Finder

If you keep scratching your head for those little things like your phone, wallet, and keys then this coin-size Bluetooth device called Trackr Bravo could be your next best buy. It is small and smart device to locate belongings you’re prone to lose all the time. All you need to do is to attach this small device to your belongings and track it with your smartphone device to make the Trackr beep. The way it is designed you can attach it to almost anything to everything. And the unique part is you can use this device the other way around to track your phone via this device. Isn’t fantastic?


It’s a nice sleek and long looking tracking device and informative app with a sound louder alarm. Trackr is one of the top brands available in the market in developing special devices for tech assistance through which you can things you have the tendency to lose. Sounds enticing, right? Here’s why we’re reviewing this gadget in this post. Stay tuned!

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Unique Features

  • Customer Laser Engraving

You can engrave your initials or info on the Trackr

  • Customer image imprinting

You can personalize this device with your own printed image. These images are printed by using UV-LED technology.

  • Water-Resistant Case

You can take the device outdoors to the beach, pool etc without thinking twice rains including.

  • Metal Carabineer

You can simply attach your Trackr to your backpacker also along with your water bottles and things.

TrackR Bravo Smart Features

This fancy gadget is a coin size device which you can simply attach to the things you basically lose. By using this unique application, you can easily trigger the gadgets to beep and help you find the belongings you’ve lost.

Everybody also uses the new idea of group tracked GPS. If the things are misplaced outdoor your home and earshot, other TrackR or Tile clients can assist you to find your object by means of the application. You'll get GPS info to allow you to catch your keys ‘or auto, for example.


This device is quite flexible when it comes to the usage. This tracker offers related management; TrackR Bravo quickly pushes before the Tile concerning ease of usage and flexibility. Though both let you find a lost thing naturally, just the TrackR App can allow you to find your telephone using the gadget. Ponder it; how often have you had your keys close by and not identified where your phone is in the dawn? All you need is to just press a catch on your TrackR App and it will send a notice to your handset that sets off an active ringtone, irrespective of the option that your telephone is set to silent.

Battery Life

Together these gadgets are guaranteed by the makers to keep going for around a year on a single battery, though, there's an important promising position here too for TrackR. The device, however, uses coin-cell arrays that you can displace to keep using a similar device reliably. You can get these batteries for under $1 (USD) on the web.

The tile battery can’t be replaced. Next a year, or at whatsoever point the battery kicks the container, you'll want to secure additional (available at a reduced rate) to keep ensuring an object.

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 Ease of Use

The idea is similar; attach a pint-sized gadget to those things you have a propensity to misplace and track them by use of your smartphone. In drill, TrackR exceeds the implementation of Tile in a couple of unlike ways. Both can be adhered to belongings with cement, cut to key chains, or released in a bag.

Additional TrackR benefit is that it works on a consumable coin-cell battery. The group measures each will last about a year and these batteries are cut-rate — around a buck or less each online. The new fluffy-aluminum TrackR Bravo is made to be adequately durable to last well past when the battery runs out, somewhat the first plastic TrackR couldn't reliably do next a year, as shown by the makers.


Generally, this device is a sensible, safe, and accessible solution for tracing resolutions. If you’re someone who keeps losing track of things and belongings then this is your gadget. It is total value for your money, valuable for your home and things that matter to you.

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